Why Am I Interested in Biology?

That’s a great question.

I’ve loved science ever since I was a little kid – I wanted to know why things did what they did. I got particularly interested in life science because it fascinates me to think of life at a molecular level.

This blog is dedicated to why biology pulls me in and makes me never want to stop learning… I hope these are the types of questions students pose to me in the future and I hope they make you think, as well.


Are We Related?

I find genetics to be a particularly interesting field of biology as it deals with the molecule of heredity – DNA.

I think it is crazy to think about how unique each one of us are because out of all of the possible gametes (sex cells) two people can make, there is a 1 in 70,368,744,177,664 chance that you turned out to be you!

1 out of 70,368,744,177,664!

Isn’t that crazy?! It is nearly impossible for you to be you!


Another intriguing aspect of genetics is figuring out the relationship between two living things. Do you think it’s impossible to be related to every human on Earth? Check out this Vsauce video to find the answer.

Interspecies Communication

Do you think there is a way for species to communicate with other species? How about communication between humans and animals?

These are the type of questions that interest me when considering zoology and animals in general. I really want to know how and why animals do the things they do!

Zoology is the branch of biology that deals with the animals kingdom and I’ve always had a passion for working with and understanding animals.

I was thinking about animal communication when I volunteered at a cat shelter with BARC a couple months ago. I found myself wondering:

  • Do these cats understand what we are doing?
  • Is there a way to tell them to not be afraid?
  • Do the cats have a thought process similar to that of humans?


Here are a few other websites exploring this topic:

What Can You Do Without a Brain?

Well, what can you do?

This is one of the many questions that draws me to the field of biology… More specifically, neuroscience.

Other creatures on Earth are known to survive without a brain, like cockroaches, but can humans?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. We pretty much need our brain for everything. The reason cockroaches can survive without a head is because they have little bundles of nervous tissue throughout their bodies, which are responsible for basic nervous functions, like reflexes.


But there comes a point when people wonder if our involuntary responses and actions really need our brain to function. If we aren’t consciously thinking about it, does it mean our brains aren’t involved?

I don’t think so… I think having a brain is a very necessary thing for us humans – don’t you?


Want to check out more on this topic? Here’s the video that got the question rolling around in my head: Vsauce: What Can You Do Without a Brain?